Dear President:
We have developed an incredible support tool for Computing professionals and would like to offer a free trial to your chapter membership.
Seybold Report
"A high value online reference resource for corporate IT professionals....the defacto leader."
                                                                                                        Victor Votsch
                                                                                                        Senior Editor
A complete online support Library with full length titles at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Would it make sense to allow your membership to trial the service, free of charge.....  
 Books 24x7 is a web based resource for computing professionals. It has no clutter, no advertisements, no fluff,  just immediate electronic answers using full content IT books from the best publishers in the trade, including Sybex, Osborne,QUE,  Macmillan, O'Reilly, Artech House, MIT Press, John Wiley & Sons and SAMS
Just a few clicks of your browser locates project specific information that can be highlighted, annotated, stored on your personal electronic bookshelf and shared electronically between team members.
This is a time saving research tool that could make sense and save budget dollars for your membership. I would be happy to forward passwords for your chapter as well as provide a professional courtesy price reduction, if they identify themselves as a chapter member.
Rosemary Ellsworth
100 River Ridge Drive
Norwood, MA 02062